Gifts of the Wyrd


Mystical Tree by Sya on DeviantArt.

Welcome to Gifts of the Wyrd. I’m working on the technical side and looking forward to a vibrant outreach of an amazing part of following the Gods and Goddesses of the Northern European regions.

With the integration and movement of people around the world today, there is a wonderful interaction of experiences, identity, and understandings (gnosis) of the Gods, wights, and entities and their interactions with humans.

Finding myself very much in attunement with the Vanic Gods and Goddesses, I experience their relationship to Midgard through magic, shamanistic style work, seidh, divination (oracle work), and connection to the land.

Gifts of the Wyrd is a place to experience that together.


Published by

John Hijatt

I am a Devotee of Freya and the Vanir in a modern age pursuing a spiritual life and sharing experiences as an inclusive Germanic Paganism spiritual path. Explore the connection with the gods and beings of the web of Wyrd as we create our path today inspired by what we can learn from our ancestors. I am a Vitki, Gothi, and Runester (I work with runes). I do not support the use of Germanic (or any) spirituality for the promotion of racism or bigotry. If you support racism or bigotry - we do not have compatible ideologies. Find my podcast where I speak with others on this inclusive path at, Apple & Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or other podcast providers.

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