Episode 3: Divination and Gnosis

rune casting
Jan with various rune sets for a Rune reading.

Episode 3 is ready to go! Laine and Jan are very excited to get episode 3 recorded and published. Please download Gifts of the Wyrd from Podbean.

In episode 3, we have a discussion about divination and gnosis in modern practice.

During the divination segment, we have a candid discussion about the use of runes and segway into Spae/Seidh. As rune workers and spae walkers, we talk about how these aspects of divination are part of our practices today.

The discussion then led into a segment we will likely call “Modern Practice.” This time we talked about gnosis (for our purposes gnosis refers to spiritual knowledge) and its place in today’s practice. Is UPG (unverified personal gnosis)/SG (shared gnosis)/PG or MUS (Made up sh – er stuff) valid today? What if it isn’t in the eddas or the lore? Is gnosis that is received today valid and useful to our practice? Have a listen and let us know what you think.

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Podcasts posted

Runes-JTThe first two episodes of Gifts of the Wyrd are posted on Podbean and ready to be downloaded.

Episode 1: Intoductions. Meet Jan and Laine. We share our journey from our childhood experiences in religions, early interactions with the Gods, and on to our meeting the Aesir, Vanir and other Germanic Entities.

Episode 2: PantheaCon Wrap-up. Jan and Laine talk about their recent attendance in February at PantheaCon.  We talk about rituals, workshops, meeting people, hospitality suites (including Jan and Fred hosting the first Divination Hospitality Suite at PCON), and other wonderful experiences.

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