Episodes 4 and 5 published

Jan and Laine are caught up and have released episode 4 : Blot, Sumbles, Rituals at the end of May and just released (June 20, 2016) episode 5: An Interview with Heathen Musician Hauk Heimdallsman.  Download from Podbean here or from iTunes.

Join us with a very fun interview with Hauk as he discusses his journey to music and creating music that is Heathen based as well as non-Heathen tunes that are great to listen to. Hauk’s wide variety of musical styles make for interesting songs and albums to appeal to many music listeners.

Hauk CDs

For a limited time (and while supplies last) a special offer of 4 albums for $25 including First-Class shipping to U.S. addresses (Priority Mail + $2/International – actual shipping price).  Email GiftsoftheWyrd@gmail.com  for an invoice and PayPal instructions.

CDs include:
No Mercy for the Slain; Love Songs, Lamentations, and Lifthrasir; To Hear the Trumpets Call; and Hard Lemonade. (offer good for these four CDs only).

Visit www.haukmusic.comHauk.Bandcamp.comBlackHatSociety.Bandcamp.

Follow on Twitter @WyrdGifts.  email to GiftsoftheWyrd@gmail.com

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For an upcoming episode, we would like to have input from our listeners about Frigga and Freya.

Do you think Frigga and Freya are two separate, individual Goddesses? Or do you think They are actually one Goddess worshiped in different areas under different names?

Let us know how you came to that conclusion. What references in lore, what your personal meditations and gnosis received, and what shared gnosis has formed your view? We will not use your identifying information – we would just like to know how folks view Her/Them.