Freya Prayer Day

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On episode 12 of the podcast, Jan interviews Victoria who established and maintains #FreyaPrayerDay on the second Friday of every month.

Find out about how Victoria became connected to Freya, why she started Freya Prayer Day, and other tid-bits about her and working with Freya.

Please use the hashtag above on social media as you discuss Freya Prayer Day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms.

You can honor Freya anytime, of course, but on Freya Prayer Day, this encourages followers to honor Her on the same day, creating a vortex of praise, music, musings, connection, and worship to head to her from all parts of the globe.

You can sign up for the monthly Freya Prayer Day newsletter at Victoria’s blog: Lion & Dragonfly. Follow her on Twitter: @liondragonfly and Facebook: @FreyaPrayerDay and email

Honor Freya with music by Hauk and Kindred Crow with songs created for Her.  Image above by Connla Feyasson. Visit on Facebook at @Iaconography

Published by

John Hijatt

I am a Devotee of Freya and the Vanir in a modern age pursuing a spiritual life and sharing experiences as an inclusive Germanic Paganism spiritual path. Explore the connection with the gods and beings of the web of Wyrd as we create our path today inspired by what we can learn from our ancestors. I am a Vitki, Gothi, and Runester (I work with runes). I do not support the use of Germanic (or any) spirituality for the promotion of racism or bigotry. If you support racism or bigotry - we do not have compatible ideologies. Find my podcast where I speak with others on this inclusive path at, Apple & Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or other podcast providers.

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