Anglo-Saxon Heathenry

On 6 October, episode 13  will post welcoming Alaric Albertsson and Taren David Martin to the Wyrd hall. We discuss Anglo-Saxon Heathenry, Alaric’s re-release of his book – A Handbook of Saxon Sorcery & Magic, and the Martin Rune Deck, an Anglo-Saxon rune set created by Alaric and Tarin.

Production note: we had feedback on a microphone that we could not adjust. We continued on and I tried to minimize it as much as possible (many hours of post-production).  I hope that I got it to a point where you can hear and understand Alaric well enough. Please forgive the tech difficulties.

Handbook Saxon Sorcery MagicA Handbook of Saxon Sorcery & Magic: Wyrdworking, Rune Craft, Divination & Wortcunning by Alaric Albertsson. This is a re-release of his earlier work Wyrdworking which is out of print. Book shops can order from Llewellyn (support your local shop) or you can order from your online retailer.




Martin Rune DeckMartin Anglo-Saxon Rune Deck: A 33 card deck featuring the Anglo-Saxon runes with artwork by Taren Martin. Deck comes with a booklet with description and rune poem by Alaric Albertsson. However,the runes are fully described in Alaric’s book A Handbook of Saxon Sorcery & Magic. The two are great companions.






Notes and announcements:

Odin:  Ecstasy, Runes, and Norse Magic by Diana L. Paxson is now available. check with your local metaphysical shop to see if they can order it from Weiser (support them when you can) or order from Weiser Books or your favorite online seller.

Runes of the Northern Lights by Paola Tartara. Rune deck with Runes depicted in a delightful retro style. Beautifully colored. This deck will be available October 2017 and can also be ordered from Llewellyn by your local book shop. I will be doing a deck review of this.


Interested in a rune consultation or bindrune? Email me for availabilty and pricing.

Logo Created by Xander Folmer of Huginn’s Heathenhof.  Based on image from Vanic Priestess Ember. Contact Xander for logo designs for all your needs.

Studio recording by Zencastr.

Published by

John Hijatt

I am a Devotee of Freya and the Vanir in a modern age pursuing a spiritual life and sharing experiences as an inclusive Germanic Paganism spiritual path. Explore the connection with the gods and beings of the web of Wyrd as we create our path today inspired by what we can learn from our ancestors. I am a Vitki, Gothi, and Runester (I work with runes). I do not support the use of Germanic (or any) spirituality for the promotion of racism or bigotry. If you support racism or bigotry - we do not have compatible ideologies. Find my podcast where I speak with others on this inclusive path at, Apple & Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or other podcast providers.

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