Viking Oracle Review

I am so excited to be getting the podcast back on track and into the groove. Life has been crazy this year (as noted in previous post). It seems like just when I get the apples back on the cart, it gets knocked over again with something else to work on. This isn’t always terrible or bad – it’s just things come up and need to have attention.


My first podcast in several months was the review of the Viking Oracle by Stacey DeMarco and Jimmy Manton produced by Blue Angel.

To accompany the visuals, I also did a YouTube version of the review.  In this version, I show the cards as I discuss the images included.

I hope that you will still download the podbean version to help keep the stats accurate if you select the YouTube version as well.


I am a bit behind schedule for a monthly release, but am working on getting things worked out. I have many topics brainstormed and working on the technicals to get set up.

I appreciate the patience.