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I have been sorely remiss in updating the blog. So much happening since October – making sure all is done is a challenge.  My apologies.

With this this post I want to just update the podcast listing then will follow with an update.

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Episode 8 Heathen Practices

  • 1) Inclusive vs exclusive Heathenry.
  • 2) Localizing your Heathenry.
  • 3) Writing prayer devotionals and poetry/praise to the Gods and Goddesses.

Episode 9: Yule Traditions

Rune Reading for 2017: Jan pulls runes for the incoming 2017.

  • Rune pull for 2016 – what it was like
  • Where we are now and 2017
  • How we can move into 2017

Episode 10:  Bindrunes – Creating Rune talismans to aid your personal workings and magic. (using the Elder Futhark runes). 


Featured image courtesy of Huginn’s Heathenhof.

Declaration 127 image

Music used with permission from Hauk and Varttina.

For Gifts of the Wyrd listeners: Hauk has made available four of his CDs for a special price of $25 including First-Class shipping to U.S. addresses (Priority Mail shipping $2 additional. Foreign addresses actual shipping price). This is a limited time offer and only while supplies last. CDs include: No Mercy for the Slain; Love Songs, Lamentations, and Lifthrasir; To Hear the Trumpets Call; and Hard Lemonade. (offer good for these four CDs only).  email


Gifts of the Wyrd Podcast Episode 6

boargold medThis episode we interview the newly elected Steersman of The Troth, Robert L. Schreiwer. The Troth is open to all who seek to know and to honor the Gods, ancestors, and values of the Germanic Heathen traditions, regardless of gender, race, nationality or sexual orientation. Download this and previous podcasts from Podbean or iTunes.

Join us as Rob shares his excitement at working with the organization in his new role and to continue to provide a welcome place of Heathen practice.

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LTroth Logoinks to The Troth:
Twitter: @AtTheTroth



Music: All selections on this podcast are written, produced, copywritten and used with permission by the musicians.

Intro: Veginomicon from the album Apple Blossoms and Abandoned Tracks – 2014
Outro: Five for Freya from Apple Blossoms and Abandoned Tracks – 2014
Oi Dai by Vartiina from the album Oi Dai released 1991 website: Varttina

Episodes 4 and 5 published

Jan and Laine are caught up and have released episode 4 : Blot, Sumbles, Rituals at the end of May and just released (June 20, 2016) episode 5: An Interview with Heathen Musician Hauk Heimdallsman.  Download from Podbean here or from iTunes.

Join us with a very fun interview with Hauk as he discusses his journey to music and creating music that is Heathen based as well as non-Heathen tunes that are great to listen to. Hauk’s wide variety of musical styles make for interesting songs and albums to appeal to many music listeners.

Hauk CDs

For a limited time (and while supplies last) a special offer of 4 albums for $25 including First-Class shipping to U.S. addresses (Priority Mail + $2/International – actual shipping price).  Email  for an invoice and PayPal instructions.

CDs include:
No Mercy for the Slain; Love Songs, Lamentations, and Lifthrasir; To Hear the Trumpets Call; and Hard Lemonade. (offer good for these four CDs only).

Visit www.haukmusic.comHauk.Bandcamp.comBlackHatSociety.Bandcamp.

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For an upcoming episode, we would like to have input from our listeners about Frigga and Freya.

Do you think Frigga and Freya are two separate, individual Goddesses? Or do you think They are actually one Goddess worshiped in different areas under different names?

Let us know how you came to that conclusion. What references in lore, what your personal meditations and gnosis received, and what shared gnosis has formed your view? We will not use your identifying information – we would just like to know how folks view Her/Them.


Episode 3: Divination and Gnosis

rune casting
Jan with various rune sets for a Rune reading.

Episode 3 is ready to go! Laine and Jan are very excited to get episode 3 recorded and published. Please download Gifts of the Wyrd from Podbean.

In episode 3, we have a discussion about divination and gnosis in modern practice.

During the divination segment, we have a candid discussion about the use of runes and segway into Spae/Seidh. As rune workers and spae walkers, we talk about how these aspects of divination are part of our practices today.

The discussion then led into a segment we will likely call “Modern Practice.” This time we talked about gnosis (for our purposes gnosis refers to spiritual knowledge) and its place in today’s practice. Is UPG (unverified personal gnosis)/SG (shared gnosis)/PG or MUS (Made up sh – er stuff) valid today? What if it isn’t in the eddas or the lore? Is gnosis that is received today valid and useful to our practice? Have a listen and let us know what you think.

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Podcasts posted

Runes-JTThe first two episodes of Gifts of the Wyrd are posted on Podbean and ready to be downloaded.

Episode 1: Intoductions. Meet Jan and Laine. We share our journey from our childhood experiences in religions, early interactions with the Gods, and on to our meeting the Aesir, Vanir and other Germanic Entities.

Episode 2: PantheaCon Wrap-up. Jan and Laine talk about their recent attendance in February at PantheaCon.  We talk about rituals, workshops, meeting people, hospitality suites (including Jan and Fred hosting the first Divination Hospitality Suite at PCON), and other wonderful experiences.

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Gifts of the Wyrd


Mystical Tree by Sya on DeviantArt.

Welcome to Gifts of the Wyrd. I’m working on the technical side and looking forward to a vibrant outreach of an amazing part of following the Gods and Goddesses of the Northern European regions.

With the integration and movement of people around the world today, there is a wonderful interaction of experiences, identity, and understandings (gnosis) of the Gods, wights, and entities and their interactions with humans.

Finding myself very much in attunement with the Vanic Gods and Goddesses, I experience their relationship to Midgard through magic, shamanistic style work, seidh, divination (oracle work), and connection to the land.

Gifts of the Wyrd is a place to experience that together.