Gifts of the Wyrd started as a podcast idea to bring a Norse Pagan voice to the podcast airways.  A podcast that would talk about contemporary Heathen/Norse Pagan practices, creators and artists, and explore being able to be informed by the lore and the past, while making a modern approach to practice – as our ancestors did.

From lore and sagas, we learn of practices and stories from the people of the turn of the first millennium and their lands.  Using that knowledge and our own revelations (gnosis) – personal and group verified – we can apply those lessons to our lives today and create a modern practice that works as effectively for us now, as for those in the past. 

Those are the gifts that come from exploring and allowing Wyrd to work and develop in our lives. These gifts manifest in the freedom to be who we are meant to be and to engage the gods (Vanir, Aesir, Jotnar), the vaettir (nature spirits), and ancestors (of lineage, influence, and inspiration).

JohnHijatt has been a  Norse Pagan since 2007.  He has also been working with runes since that time and teaches classes, does readings, and is in process of writing a book about using runes in  magic and other building a relationship with them  He is most connected to the Vanir and enjoys special relationships with Freya, Nehalennia, Heimdall, and Ullr.  He believes that Germanic Spirituality is welcoming to all whom the Gods call and is not limited to a certain heritage, race, gender identity, ability, orientation, or dogmatic rules for practice. He stands against racism, folkishness, and bigotry.

Please check out the podcast via Podbean, iTunes, Googleplay, and Spotify.

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  • Facebook: @GiftsoftheWyrd 
  • Instagram: @wyrdgifts1 
  • Twitter: @wyrdgifts

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