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Gifts of the Wyrd is a blog and podcast by Jan Tjeerd for people who interact within the Teutonic, Saxon, and Norse traditions of Heathenry.

We follow the Gods and Goddesses of the Northern European tribes, work with the wights of the lands upon which we live, and honor our ancestors and those who have died before us.

From lore and sagas, we learn of practices and stories from the people of pre-christian times and their lands.  Using that knowledge and our own revelations (gnosis) – personal and group verified – we can apply those lessons to our lives today and create a modern practice that works as effectively for us now, as those did then.

Jan believes that Heathenry is welcoming to all whom the Gods call and is not limited to a certain heritage, race, gender identity, or orientation.


Please check out the podcast on iTunes and through Podbean.

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